About Me

Jayson has been a trainer in New York City for over 15 years. After playing college basketball at Division II Bloomsburg University, he then started boxing in Philadelphia. His quest to be an actor moved him to NYC where he got involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Tiger Schullman’s. While pursuing and attaining a Black Belt, he ran 5 marathons including the prestigious Boston and New York City and holds a best time of 3:01 at the Marine Corps Marathon. He enjoyed acting, but he soon learned that he had within him the ability to change people’s lives in a different, more impactful way. His love of fitness and athletics, mixed with a passionate desire to help people reach their health goals, led him towards a career in personal training. He feels truly blessed to have found a life passion that allows him to make people better every single day. Being done with MMA and marathons, he now loves competing in CrossFit and occasional Triathlons.

He holds certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), and Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC). He is pursuing Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification and is well versed in Postural Restoration Institute (PRI).


I treat each training session as an artist would look at a blank canvas. It’s my opportunity to create a masterpiece.


My motto is “Always Be Learning”. I attend multiple seminars a year to add quality to my client’s sessions and lives.


Very diverse and accomplished background with: Marathons (3:01 best time), triathlons, jiu jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, CrossFit, and more.


Certifications include: CSCS, RKC, FRCms, CFSC, Gym Jones. And Black Belt from TSK MMA.

My Philosophy

Inspire others through mastering myself.

Being a trainer/coach to me is a cherished responsibility. I have been blessed with the opportunity to move and shape people’s lives. It is not a responsibility I take lightly. My clients trust me with shaping their lives; therefore I enthusiastically make it my obligation to ensure I keep striving for my life path to be as mentally, physically, and emotionally strong as possible. Thereby setting a bar for others to aspire to.

My “Why”

Finding and using your calling to strengthen and serve others is a true blessing.

What gets me excited and impassioned is to witness someone truly gifted in their craft or work to the point they are able “move” others. It takes a lot to move someone emotionally, physically, or spiritually. People can detect frauds pretty quickly. If you are able to find a vocation that you feel is truly your calling, it is a blessing and an honor to serve others. And if you’re able to do it, especially many people, it’s beautiful

My Principles

1) Seek out and embrace reality. And act on it.

a) Face personal faults and gifts. Be aware of faults but don’t harp on them.
b) Use your gifts and glorify in them. God gave them to you.
c) Reflect often.
d) Don’t get too high or too low.
e) Try to learn more about yourself everyday through meditation and introspection.
f) Don’t hide weaknesses, everyone has them.
g) Have reality breaks often which includes helping the less fortunate.
h) Also have reality breaks often which include reading and knowing more about the more fortunate.
i) Journal and acknowledge progress and declines.
j) Meditation to be aware of your inner machine.

2) Have a clear vision of goals.

a) Have 1 month, 3 month, and 1 year goals.
b) Write down your plans
c) Have a 5 step process

i) Have clear goals
ii) Identify and acknowledge problems quickly
iii) Diagnose and do something quickly
iv) Make a plan
v) Push through

d) Find people or ways to cover your weaknesses

3) Be radically open-minded.

a) You can learn from anyone until they’ve proven not so.
b) Know you have an ego. Shut it down.
c) Know you have blind spots. Try to find them.
d) You’re looking for the best answer. Not the best answer you have.
e) Don’t worry about looking good, worry about achieving your goals.
f) Realize that you can’t put out without taking in.
g) Remember we’re wired to think negatively.

4) We’re all wired differently.

a) Not everyone understands the same things you do and you don’t understand the same things they do.
b) We need to be exposed to different wires every day
c) Question any negative feelings toward anyone.

5) Step up to difficult decisions and own them.

a) Step up to reality.
b) Face any consequences head on. Do not run away.
c) Be present and engaged when a problem arises
d) Be an imperfectionist, keep moving forward!

Any questions? Please contact me!